Friday, 15 July 2016

5 Study to Succeed in Exams.

Study Tips to Ace an Exam.

With Exams around the corner the Textbook becomes the life partner. To Study in full swing and achieve your goals easily few considerations and suggestions should be kept in mind , which, today we will share with YOU.

Study Tip No.1: Understand Your Topics in Your Way.

Teacher or lecturer may teach you their way. You may learn from your textbooks,or organise a group study with friends. Even your own notes can explain you,But, these are of less worth until you do not get it your own way. You may feel you have learnt something to yourself but realise later that you cannot remember it clearly or have totally forgotten few concepts. To combat this, try to explain your self what you have learnt in your own words. This may be an effective way to retain skills for a longer period of time. So just not memorise- Get your concepts backed up for the Big Day.

Study Tip No.2: Get Creative and relate things with previous knowledge.

Don't just sit obliged with a highlighter and textbook. Get creative and explore your own way of studying effectively. Think out of the box and work the way that suits you best.Try everything that can help meet your goals. Mnemonics, On line study tools, daily planner, mind maps , flash cards and a variety of other techniques which can help you retain piles of information.

Study Tip No.3: Set Your Goals and Flexible Plan to meet Deadlines.

In order to achieve exam success, you need to have clear understanding of what to achieve. It's very important to set study goals now and outline to yourself what you need to do. With your study goals in mind you can concentrate better and keep your mind relaxed while preparing for the exam. The plan should be an easy to follow guide rather a rigid one that the dead line is met easily.

Study Tip No.4: Test Yourself frequently

Once you feel you are done with a topic you should quiz yourself on it. Try to duplicate exam conditions as much ,Turn off the phone, Set a timer, Keep Answer Sheets with you, don't talk and work silently etc.You can test yourself fro exam point of view and practise actual exam questions in order to evaluate where you stand. In addition it will make your actual exam experience more comfortable.

Study Tip No.5: Ask Questions Freely

Depending on what you are studying get guidance from anyone familiar with the subject. Ask teacher for personal guidance or set a question answer quiz with friends. If you are unfamiliar witha concept,theory,formula,date do not hesitate. That is the time when teachers, lecturers and other educators are valuable. Ask freely and learn what needs to be learnt. Albert Einstein said,"Learn from yesterday,live for today,hope for tomorrow.The Important thing is not to stop questioning'