Sunday, 7 August 2016

SAT Resources

(New) SAT Resources

Well here are SAT resources you will find helpful

Khan Academy It's Practice tool is such a great starting point that every student looking for a perfect sat prep should register on khan academy and give it a go.

Practice the four Official College board diagnostics
you can practice your maths and the long reading passages from the old sat books if you want to brush up some reading and maths skills

Direct Hits Vocabulary You know they say the new sat does not requires to learn tons of vocabulary. Yes of course,but remembering vocabulary will give you an edge on the reading section.Try to improve your vocab by any method that suits you. Direct hits i recomend because i have seen words repeating on the new sat reading section from it.

SAT Grammar Go under each section and understand each grammar rule on your own. If you want to practice further you can google it to understand it properly

For essay here are a few links:Essay Tips Essay Prompts How to write the essay and the College board essays
This website ha loads of practice to appease your SAT appetite. Prepare to amaze yourself. :D

Read! Read! Read! is the only best tip for reading section
Go through all the strategies for reading like skipping skimming etc etc and get a hold of it.

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